The Festival Team

Olivier Wagner

President & Foundeur of the Festival

Computer Engineer & Director

I may be a computer scientist in real life - you have to earn a living – but, in reality, I am a movie lover and amateur filmmaker. In addition to being a true motorcycle racing fan, in my spare time, I ride my old 1976 Honda CB125 S3 on the track with my friends from the Honda France Challenge. In fact, most of the movies I have made were motorcycle related. I decided to create this event because as I have competed in many international motorcycle film festivals, I have had the occasion to see great movies that nobody knows in France. My ultimate goal is to share all these movies with my motorcycle friends. And the best way to do this is to create my own festival because, to my knowledge, none exists in France.

Josselyne Belieu

Press Relations

Journalist & Photographer


I was born with a Photax in my hands — almost. After sharpening my shooting skills in motor sports, mainly cars at the beginning, I acquired two driving licences. I then contacted Éditions Hommel (Auto-Hebdo, Echappement...) and started shooting professionally for them.

It was on the French circuits that I developed my expertise. From the paddocks to the track, from car comparative tests to intimate portrait sessions, I became addicted to motor racing. On a circuit, I find the same rigorous asceticism in the race as in the taking of black and white images.

I now know that the motorcycle world is one of the most lively of the pantheon. My passion for the image turns to the achievements of photographers and videographers in this very special sporting world where humans always have their rightful place. More vulnerable and closer to the audience.

This first Motorcycle Film Festival paves the way for a great meeting for all enthusiasts: skilled or not qualified athletes, filmmakers or simply film enthusiasts. But most of all, it is a wonderful opportunity to look at motorcycles with a new perspective.  I have no doubt that this will open up new horizons for you and allow you to make great encounters, which is exactly the case for me today.

Martin de Kerimel

Selection Director

Journalist - Founder of the Cinema Blog "Mille et une Bobines"


If, by chance, you think you have seen me riding a motorcycle, I must inform you that it was surely someone else! I've never held the handlebars of a motorized machine, except perhaps a lawnmower, and it’s more than likely that, for the rest of my life, I will always remain a pedestrian, or even worse, a car driver! Why participate in the organization of this Festival, then? Because of my passion for the 7th art that I have commented on and accompanied for years through my cinema blog and my activities at the ciné-club. Okay, I admit that I have real shortcomings in the field of motorcycling, but I want to treat myself well during this Festival weekend! Besides, to be honest, I have already started: I watched Easy Rider a few years ago and, even if it did not make me want to cross the United States on a Harley, I still appreciated this great trip vicariously. My hope for the event that is upon us: taking other extraordinary trips in your company. The good news for me is that wearing a helmet is not mandatory in a projection room.

Philippe Joseph

Organisation & Logistic

Network Engineer - System Administrator

Since my first motorcycle, a two stroke Motobécane Enduro M50 EV bought in August 1980 with my first paycheck, I have owned a few ill powered twins and some legendary four cylinders. Today, I will get rid of my 20 year old Honda V4 to buy a brand new liquid-cooled German flat twin. I’ll benefit from this occasion to take a trip around France and visit friends. Because I am an old biker, I still have my original pink cardboard triptych (French driver’s license) dating from February 1984. I got involved in the organization of this festival because, in my heart, I am still a kid who is passionate about movies and beautiful stories, but also by friendship. I wish you an extraordinary first "French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival ».